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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Survived the quake !

Never thought I would have an earthquake ruin a beach day !  It was so weird sitting there in my chair as it rocked back & forth. Felt like someone was pulling on it. After it was over most everyone left & I had the beach to myself !! Now waiting for Hurricane Irene -- she poses a major problem the weather people are saying for our area. We'll see ! Have a great day ! Its off to the beach for me :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning July 29- 31, 2011

         Us at the balloon fest :)

This is an event I have long wanted to go to & this was the year :) The trip was not a camping one since I had a great deal thru Courtyard by Marriott. Included a great room plus VIP passes to the days events & parking. We arrived Friday night & since the weather wasn't very nice we stayed at the hotel. Saturday morning we up & off to watch the balloons inflate by 6 am. ( I am not an early riser !!). With the sun coming up on the field & balloons taking to the sky it was beautiful. There was all kinds, types and colors of balloons. Hershey's Chocolate had one advertising their Air Delights (very yummy candy !). Quick Check has a neat barn with animals hanging out the windows. Pepsi had a huge Pepsi can style balloon. Courtyard by Marriott had a tuxedo balloon. Frito Lay had a colorful one & were giving out free samples. AT&T carried the honorary balloon host Derrick Jetter from the New York Yankees. A company from Canada had a Super FMG -- strange but cute guy with big eyes & teeth. Beside basic styles & colors they had shark; penguin tourist with camera; butterfly; several USA & USA flag  and Spider Pig. After they were inflated & off we walked & visited the tent area to picked up free samples -- even met the Kool Aid guy :). It was a very hot & humid day so we went back to the hotel to take a nap before the nights activities. Will be back later with more ....